Week 10: The Boys vs. The Haircuts

We’ve been trying to talk Ewan into letting mom cut his hair for a while, but he won’t let her come anywhere near him. We assume it’s because he’s freaked out by the buzz of the clippers, but he’s also not terribly fond of people touching his head for extended periods.

Finally, on a random weeknight, August announced that he would like his hair cut to be “short like dad’s,” and Ewan decided to follow suit. August went first and showed Ewan how to sit still while mom went to work. Ewan watched from as far away as he could and still be able to see the Netflix distraction on the tablet.

When it was his turn he reluctantly climbed up on the chair, but after some initial squirming and declaring that it was hurting his hair, he settled in and let mom do her thing without too much hassle. The stall tactics may have been a calculated move to sneak another episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

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