2015 Project 52 Retrospective

After four consecutive years of photography projects, I’m tapping out. While I got some great pictures of the boys over the course of the year, I was definitely phoning it in for the last couple of months, and when an OS upgrade forced me to use an intermediate import step to get photos off the camera and into Lightroom, it just became overly burdensome to keep up with regular updates.

Plus, with August moving on to kindergarten this year and Ewan taking his place in preschool, I feel like I should try to focus on experiencing the fun new stuff they’re getting into rather than keeping the camera on hand at all times. Besides, I have an plentiful backlog of photos that need to be properly cataloged and archived as it is, including a trip to Portugal last October.

After reviewing the previous years’ images, it’s pretty clear I’d lost a lot of steam for the work (lots of sloppy composition, poor lighting, blurry images, et cetera), so I’m happy to let 2016 be a year of not worrying about taking the right photo by the right deadline, then revisit in twelve months to see if I miss it at all.

In doing this retrospective and looking at the pictures and stories, even though I hadn’t put as much care into it as it maybe warranted, it struck me that I managed to capture how well they really do get along in spite of the frequent bickering and bodily harm (normal byproducts of siblings who love each other). Below are my favorites from the 2015 project, and the full project is best viewed at my flickr account.

Week 2: The Boys vs. Getting Along

This was very early in the project, but it perfectly incapsulates how much August can be a caring older brother and how much Ewan looks up to him, literally and figuratively.

Week 18: The Boys vs. Keeping the Bees Away

This was one of those not infrequent, but often short-lived moments where the boys are able to sit quietly and collaborate on something that’s not destructive. Shortly after this photo was taken, they were chasing each other around the park with sticks.

Week 32: The Boys vs. Baseball

This was Ewan’s first Mariners game and August took it upon himself to educate Ewan in the ways of the ballpark, including hot dogs, kettle corn, lemonade, and how to meet the Moose.

Week 41: The Boys vs. Lego History

Lego became August’s toy of choice over the last several months, and he routinely brings home Lego books from the library. One evening, he actually let Ewan flip the pages without admonishing him to turn back a page or move his hand, and explained to him the different characters in the book.

Week 50: The Boys vs. Playtime

This shot pretty much encapsulates life in our house these days – utter chaos, boundless energy, and creativity galore.

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