Pinmap Project

It started out as a plan to have a giant map of the world on my wall with pins stuck in for all of the places I’ve been. But lack of suitable wall space has thwarted that plan for years.

Now, thanks to the magic of the internet I have a reasonable way to maintain several pinmaps for different purposes. These started out as custom maps I was building via the Google Maps API, but I’ve just transferred them to Google Maps directly so they’re easier to maintain.

Erik’s Pinmaps
Airports The airports I’ve traveled through over the years, either as a final destination or transfer. Includes city/state/country and IATA airport codes.
Baseball Stadiums All of the stadiums at which I’ve seen a major league baseball game, with team and stadium information.
Countries All the countries I’ve visited thus far, plus a little bit about when and why I was there and pictures of the country flag.
States All the U.S. states I’ve visited thus far, with state facts and flags.
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