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For years, I’ve been meaning to keep a journal of the books I’ve read, as I have bookshelf full of books of which I can barely remember general details farther back than the last few titles.  I finally started keeping a list of the books I’ve read and general impressions about the book at my now-defunct MSN page, which I’ve transferred here and continued updating.

I suppose this is more for my reference, but I appreciate your comments, observations and suggestions as well.  In each year, the books are listed in the order they were finished, and where you see “TnD,” that refers to the Think n’ Drink, the book club I co-founded and have managed to keep running for a few years now (currently on another hiatus).

Finally, it is probably worth nothing that despite advice to the contrary from several friends and my own mother, I finish pretty much every book I start, no matter how painful it may be.  However, I may begin adopting a 100-page rule or some other guideline (a la Nancy Pearl) because trips to the bookstore are beginning to get depressing aftering facing all of those books I will never have the opportunity to read.

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