Funkbelly’s Hits

After our first full year in our first house, Chez Aqua, we compiled a CD of the music we enjoyed over the course of the year and gave them to friends and family during the holidays.  It was such a hit, we decided to do it again for year two.  After the third year, it’s become something of a tradition for us to sit down and put the album together because we have nothing less pressing to do in the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These are the track listings, album art and links to the artists for each year, along with commentary about why we chose the songs and what they meant to us over the year.  These were “limited edition” releases, but we might have a few extra copies stashed away somewhere should the need arise.

2008 – Rock Music for Dogs, Volume 2

2007 – Here we go again…

2006 – Rock Music for Cats

2005Rock Music for Dogs

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