Week 46: The Boys vs. Cooperation

When tasked with cleaning up the toy room, the boys managed to put aside their usual squabbling about who had messed up what and they actually worked together to tidy up. At one point, August was passing bins of art supplies up from under the table to Ewan, who was standing on the table to more easily reach the wall caddy where the markers and pencils live.

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Week 45: The Boys vs. The Movies

This past weekend, we took the boys to the move theatre for the first time to see The Peanuts Movie. Despite August having watched feature-length movies since he was three, and Ewan slightly younger than that, we’d somehow never made it out to see a movie on the big screen. August does tend to find movies a little scary or intense, so it may have just been a matter of waiting for the right movie to come along.

Needless to say, having been enthralled by the trailer for the last couple of months, it was a big hit with the boys and they have both been calling each other “blockhead” ever since.

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Week 44: The Boys vs. Jack O’Lanterns

Having selected their pumpkins weeks beforehand, we never found time to actually carve the pumpkins until the 30th. Ewan seemed to enjoy pulling the guts out of the pumpkin more so than August but this was the first year August actually carved his own pumpkin (right), with a little assistance from dad with the mouth.

Ewan designed his own face (left), which dad cut out for him, then Ewan proceeded to give him some teeth on his own. Unfortunately the blustery Halloween night made keeping the jack o’lanterns lit a bit of a challenge, so many trick or treaters didn’t get to fully appreciate the boys’ 2015 Halloween masterpieces.

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Week 43: The Boys vs. Pizza Night

With dad freshly returned from a week in Portugal and mom in New York for work, pizza night was in order. The boys got to top their own pizzas, each opting for the usual staples of sauce, cheese, hot dogs and green peas.

August designed his toppings into a face, with eyes, nose, and mouth comprised of various toppings and leaving large amounts of crust uncovered. Ewan went for handfuls of toppings lumped indiscriminately all over the crust. Either way, the results were edible and didn’t result in any whining.

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Week 42: The Boys vs. The Cow Train

On the annual family trip to Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm, both boys insisted on riding the cow train without mom or dad for the first time. On the first trip the boys had their own cows, but for the second go they piled into the same cow, laughing and waving at mom and dad each time the train passed the waiting area.

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Week 41: The Boys vs. Lego History

Over the past few weeks, August has been bringing home pretty much every Lego book available in the school library. Among the most recent selections is an encyclopedia of the minifigure, from the first ever minifig to the various licensees and movie tie-ins. Ewan is equally fascinated by Legos these days, and August was gracious enough to let him take the lead as they perused the book one evening.

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Week 40: The Boys vs. Imagine Children’s Museum

The Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett is a bit of a hidden gem among the many family-friendly gems in the greater Seattle area. Last week the boys got to experience it for the first time in the company of their cousins from Idaho, and of all of the interactive exhibits and activities available the Imagine Theatre performance space held their collective attention the longest, letting them all ham it up together while watching themselves on the monitor and taking turns running the lights and sound effects.

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